Partnership agreement between Christof Group and Graphite Technology.

Partnership Partnership agreement between Christof Group and Graphite Technology.
We are pleased to announce that a partnership agreement has been signed between Christof Group and Graphite Technology
Christof Group is the world´s Leading Specialist in Critical Process Equipment with more than 100 years of experience and a reputation as a technology and quality leader in complex and critical equipment engineering and manufacturing.
Graphite Technology is a China-based company producing graphite heat exchangers for severe applications where the highest alloyed steels cannot withstand the corrosive environment, like phosphoric and hydrochloric acid, metallurgy, and fuel cell.
The partnership agreement between both companies was driven by a rapid increase in sales at Graphite Technology in combination with the need to have a European-based production facility.
Christof Group’s long-term experience in high demanding applications and corrosive environments enables Graphite Technology to extend its network and increase its market share.
Christof Group will be assembling and manufacturing the graphite equipment for the regions Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa, and Americas, from their production facility at the ACE Metalna location in Slovenia.

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