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About Graphite

Wrong thinkings about graphite. Did you know ?

All top 2 global players supply graphite from China source even if they will not tell you so.

No high performances speciality graphite (rods & parallelepiped) produced in Europe is used by any European manufacturer for chemical process equipment.

PTFE impregnated graphite is a poor quality and fake PTFE impregnated material proposed by Indian and Chinese manufacturers which does not last more than 1 year in harsh conditions (like stainless steel pickling). Do not confuse with our unique GT FLON the real PTFE impregnated graphite.

GT, user friendly equipment

Do not be fooled by the lack of technical information that most suppliers are providing to hide thei…” with “Our equipments are designed for your real operating conditions and not the way around. Many features…

Our equipments are designed for your real operating conditions and not the way around. Many features developed for our equipment take in account water or steam hammering, thermal shock, vibrations, fouling, overstress coming from piping connection, installation or commissioning.

GT, graphite material which last

Most graphite grades on the market are poorly manufactured and are fragile by design. But this is not always the case. You are at the right place to make the change that requires your chemical process for a reliable and long operation.

Hundreds of grades of graphite are available on the market, with, for each one, different corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. You will find here information to select the right material, the right design for your application.

The objective of this website is to help you to select a material and an equipment which will last. We have several technical guides to allow you to understand why your past experiences were not satisfying.
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