GT improved features explained

GT graphite equipment feature major unique technologies improvement which prevent main problem occurring during operations.

Our equipment are user friendly and allow mistakes from operation unlike most competitors supply.

NameDescriptionRecommended for…
SAFE SEALdouble sealing with leak detectionpharmaceutical / high purity process.
STABLE LOADspring box with stable load force during operation. Reduce by 90-95%  graphite stress fatigue.process with temperature difference between service/process more than 70°C. Long equipment.
SHOCK PROTECTdesign of drilling which reinforce blocks mechanical resistance.all processes. Steam and water hammer protection.
FILT-INmesh filter in service inlet nozzle to prevent water drop in steam or filter dirty mediasteam heater, dirty service liquid media.
LOG DATASdata logger for temperature, pressure, vibration to survey operating conditionsimprovement of process, extension of lifetime, harshest process survey.
STRESS FREEdesign of header without graphite nozzle in contact with external pipingall processes. Not used for temperature process>180°C and media which corrode glass.
TURBHeat exchange coefficient enhancementviscous media, small flow
LIGHTlong tie rods, oring service sealing, light structurelaboratory and pilot equipment. Lack of space for equipment installation.
C-HARDErosion protectionPickling and phosphoric acid for fertilizer. All erosive process with hard particles.
HAMMER PROOFDevice to absorb waves of pressures surgeAll equipment (even not in graphite)
GT TUBE-ITube with very smooth surface reducing fouling process. Tube without cemented junction up to 12m length.

Long shell and tubes bundles.

Dirty processes.

Temperature under 160°C

P-SensorPressure sensor which proof when level of pressure is exceededAll equipment (even not in graphite)


Equipment optionDescription
DecontaminationCleaning equipment with solvent or distilled water
Clean in placeInstallation spray nozzle for cleaning in operation
Inspection nozzleNozzle for process inspection.
Service side lining/coatingProtection of steel part from corrosion (rubber lining/fluoropolymers lining or coating, glass lining)
Service openingDoor for cleaning service side without dismantle equipment

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