After sales & services

  • Start-up & Operating assistance
  • Dedicated maintenance during lifetime of your units
  • Quick support – Field Service – Spare-Parts availability
  • Replacement, optimization and repair of your existing equipment without piping modification
  • Expertise to remedy recurrent failure or lack of performances
  • Corrosion tests
  • Pilot equipment for rent for development

Visual inspection is extremely important to define origin of problem. Always take pictures, keep gaskets and materials for further investiagtion. Number all parts in the sequence of dismantling.

For all expertises we have a protocol of analysis of defect which are typical of origin of failure.

For example (in red location of leak tubes, cut section of the tubesheet). The same location near the position of the steel shell nozzle reveal probable causes.

Repair of leak should be decided only after knowing cause of leak.
If the root cause is not treated the leak process will progress and continue.

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