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Graphite material

The word graphite originated from Ancient Greek “graphein”, means “write”.

Graphite, a synthetic or a natural form of carbon, is usually produced at temperatures above 2000°C.

Carbon takes many forms in nature.

It can be amorphous charcoal used in backyard grills, art studios and metallurgy (as fuel). Or, it can be a diamond, the hardest substance found in nature. It can also be graphite that we use to make pencils, to reinforce plastic and to manufacture steel and chemical equipment.

Graphite has a high melting temperature of 3500°C and is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity.

Graphite is usually in the form of a black soft solid bonded in layers.

Graphite is characterized by its high level of corrosion resistance and its thermal conductivity is much greater than most comparable corrosion resistant materials.