About us


We are a company at human size which allow us to challenge leaders on the market.

We are fighting everyday to improve ourselves and do more, faster, better than our competitors.


Examples :

1.We do it faster ; 

we developed a proprietary impregnation process to insert PTFE resin into the graphite porosity. Where the unique worldwide leader need several weeks to achieve the same result, we need 5 days. 
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When export license of graphite equipment from Europe or US need few months, we achieve it in 2 to 4 weeks which give us strong advantage to help customer to replace damaged parts and limit spare parts inventory of end user.

2.We can do it with better quality and performance ;

We are able to propose materials which outstanding leader’s solution. Thanks to our collaboration with TOYO TANSO we can propose the highest mechanical and thermal characteristics graphite for chemical equipment.